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Founded on the Wirral in the early 1970's, we are a group of hang glider and paraglider pilots who fly mainly in North Wales, although we still have a site on the Wirral (Thurstaston). Our BHPA affiliated club liaises with local landowners to provide flying sites where members can do foot launched, un-powered flying. Our club is comprised of the newly qualified with Club Pilot ratings right through to pilots with decades of experience and everything in between. A warm welcome is extended to all newcomers.

Although many of our members live proximate to North Wales some pilots travel from far afield to experience of our sites. Our membership costs just £20 per annum, so if you're visiting our sites regularly or just on a flying holiday in the area, why not consider joining? - the small visitor's fee for flying Llangollen will pay for itself in short order. Members use the club forum and various messaging apps to co-ordinate flying activities.To join the club please email secretary@nwhgpc.org.uk

We traditionally meet at 7.30pm onwards on the first Monday of each month and all members are welcome. As restrictions are lifted we aim to re-convene as before, but keep an eye on the club forum for details and venue.


The club has been offered the chance for Kinga Masztalerz (see Youtubes 'Girl gone Wild') to give a talk about her flying career, specifically Hike and Fly. The event will take place at the Town Crier pub, Chester, CH1 3AE opposite the train station. We'll be gathering from 7-7.15 for her talk to begin at 7.30pm Wednesday 19th June. If there are other pilots or friends/family who would like to join us they would be more than welcome.

Events in the NWHGPC Google calendar:

Club Safety Officer

Keith Colder has stepped forward to fill the role of Club Safety Officer. Keith is the first point of contact for any incidents that occur in the club environment, although pilots should still follow the reporting procedures detailed on the BHPA website. Keith's contact details can be found in Committee Contact Details.

2024 Hazzard Reserve Re-Pack

This took place on the 3rd February at the Upton-by-Chester Village Hall CH2 1HX.

Club AGM


New Chief Coach (PG)

With Brian stepping down from active coaching the club would like to extend a warm welcome to Mick Bird-Jones as postholder of Chief Coach (PG). Mick brings a wealth of experience to the role and will be a familiar face to many on the hill as Chief Instructor at YX Paragliding, which will remain a distinct entity. Mick's position as a coach will help ease the transition from a school to club environment. (mw21/04/21)

Site Status 20/10/20

All NWHGPC sites are currently OPEN however responsibility resides with the individual to ascertain whether travel to and from any site is within the local or national Covid restrictions applicable to their place of residence or domicility. (mw20/10/20)

Parking fee at Gyrn Moelfre 09/09/20

The landowners at Gyrn Moelfre have asked that drivers of all vehicles parked on the site pay a £5 fee. The owners spend considerable time and expense each year maintaining the access track to launch and other aspects of the site for our benefit. This fee applies to members of all clubs including MTB's, however students with YX Paragiding school should contact the school to ascertain arrangements. Please leave the fee in an envelope in the collection box before the first gate with vehicle registration and club marked on it. (mw20/10/20)

New Civil Aviation Notification Procedures (CANP) 23/08/20

An online system for CANP has been introduced. Notification to the Low Flying booking Cell (LFBC) can now take place through the new CANP app or via the weblink CANP

The LFBC have asked that if possible at least 4 hours notice is given for site activation (all NWHGPC sites are now embedded in their database) and as previously this is a weekday only service. Electronic notification to the LFBC will generate a NOTAM (coded as parachute dropping) with a 2nm radius. A Contact telephone number (but not name) will be displayed on the NOTAM.

The LFBC still accepts notification by telephone (0800 515544) or email swk-mamclfcoord@mod.gov.uk in which case email is preferred. (revmw24/04/21)

Hawarden RMZ and procedures for Moel Accre and Moel Famau. 03/16/17(rev)


Due to increased traffic levels WEF 30/03/2017 a RMZ (Radio mandatory Zone) has been established around Hawarden Airport (EGNR). None of our sites are contained within the RMZ however the western extent comes within a few kilometres of Moel Accre and Moel Famau hence any XC flights downwind will quickly enter it. As part of the consultation process the club has negotiated a Letter of Agreement (LoA) with Hawarden ATC for our activities to penetrate the RMZ provided prior notification is given. The procedure for this is detailed below and also in the relevant site guide. The full LoA is posted on the website for reference.


The following procedures are paraphrased from the LoA. The 2 NWHGPC sites where operations may result in penetration of the RMZ are Llandegla (Moel Accre)* and Moel Famau. These sites are daylight only. All operational periods of the sites which may result in entry to the RMZ will be notified to Hawdarden ATC with 30mins notice of any planned acticity. To notify ATC telephone on 01244 522012 or text 'Llandegla/Moel Famau active (dd/mm/yyyy) from (local time)' to 07786 208291. An acknowledgement must be received from Harwarden ATC prior to commencement of activities. NWHGPC will not normally confirm cessation of activities, Hawarden will record the site and potential downwind routings as being active until night. The first pilot to notify Hawarden please post this fact on the website forum or ensure the information is passed on by some means.


*Llandegla is a Visual Reporting Point for Hawarden traffic hence is used instead of Moel Accre. On receipt of notification, Hawarden will broadcast our activities on the ATIS (Automatic Information Service) and traffic my elect to avoid the RMZ on that account. Consider notifying Hawarden of any flying activity from Moel Accre or Famau. Notification to Hawarden does not constitute clearance to penetrate the ATZ. (gh30/03/17revMW21/10/20)


Learning to fly

Free-flight soaring can be addictive! Once you have experienced the pure pleasure of free-flight you will wonder why you didn't try the sport sooner. Although NWHGPC does not offer ab-initio training, if intending to enter the sport it is vital you train with a BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) registered school. Most schools offer taster days and even tandem flights to get a feel for our sport. Have a look at the list of BHPA registered schools. Our local BHPA Registered School is YX Paragliding.


The club has coaching to support both paragliding and hang gliding. Our coaches are here to assist with all advice and aspects of pilot development, be it induction to the club for the newly qualified, mentoring through the Pilot Development syllabus, site briefings, equipment or just a general chat about any query to do with flying. Do not hesitate to contact a club coach - details are in Club Contacts.

It is envisaged a formal pilot development scheme will be implemented in 2021 to help support the transition from a school to club environment and include structured theory lectures culminating in completion of the theory syllabus for the Pilot exam, as well as mentoring for progression to XC. Keep an eye on the club forum and messenger groups for up to date information.

Paragliding First Landings


Office Name Phone no Mobile no E-mail
Chairman Mark Warren 07979 513205 chairman@nwhgpc.org.uk
Mick Bird-Jones 07855 491080 pgcoach@nwhgpc.org.uk
Ian Home 01978 761235 07718 692639 secretary@nwhgpc.org.uk
Coach (HG) Steve Hogan 07973 469013 hgcoach@nwhgpc.org.uk
Competitions Bob Little (HG) 07968 221345  
Vacant (PG)
Safety officer Keith Colder 07592 174023 safety@nwhgpc.org.uk
Secretary / membership Ian Home 01978 761235 07718 692639 secretary@nwhgpc.org.uk
Sites officer Stephen Taylor 01978 758355 07787132489 sites@nwhgpc.org.uk
Social secretary Paul Huskisson social@nwhgpc.org.uk
Training officer Steve Hogan 0151 648 1306 07973 469013 hgcoach@nwhgpc.org.uk
Treasurer Steve Kynaston treasurer@nwhgpc.org.uk
Webmaster Tim Salter 01352 740754 07713 113460 webmaster@nwhgpc.org.uk


Before Going to North Wales Sites

Flying at the south of the Clwydian Range affected by the Hawarden RMZ. Please see individual site guides and 'News' item 03/06/17.

NWHGPC has an open access policy to its flying sites where visitors are current BHPA registered pilots qualified CP and above and there are no extra restrictions imposed by landowners or minimum site qualifications set.

RAF Valley in Anglesey is home of the RAF fast jet training school and North Wales is a training zone for low level flight. Aircraft frequently fly below hilltop height. If you propose to fly any of the Club Sites on a week day, you are strongly advised to inform the Low Flying Booking Cell via the CANP system via the CANP app or alternatively the CANP weblink canp.logans.me.uk . All the NWHGPC sites are in the new electronic database. If you wish to notify LFBC by email or by telephone the Freephone NOTAM line: 0800 515544 give the site position (full grid reference as in the 'At a glance' data box for the site). Email is preferred over telephone.


Please contact one of the club officers if you are a visiting pilot. A small onsite fee may be payable where the NWHGPC has to pay for site usage. This fee effectively gives temporary NWHGPC membership. You may be asked for this fee by an NWHGPC member who will request your name and address and ask to see your current BHPA membership card.

Site Behaviour

A lot of hard work has gone into negotiating our sites, so please follow our instructions to the letter. Some Club Sites have restrictions imposed by the landowner, so read the accompanying notes carefully.

Observe the Country Code. Although many of our sites may look isolated and deserted, this is a closely-knit community and people will be watching you even if you cannot see them. So be extra careful, do not climb walls or fences even if it means a longer walk. Use the gates, and be sure to close them after use, even if you are coming back in five minutes - this is more than enough time for livestock to get out. As a general rule, please do not bring dogs onto our sites: but if you do, please keep them on a lead. Take your litter home with you.

Of course, there are many hills and mountains in North Wales that do not feature in our Site Guide. Should you decide to have a go at flying any of them, at least make sure you have the prior approval of the landowner concerned.

Inconsiderate use and parking of vehicles causes a lot of trouble at our sites. The following rules regarding them must be observed:

Directions to Club Sites

The OS Map Number and Grid Reference for each Club Site linked to OS Maps nn is the first item given in the Quick Reference site data box on the pages for each site. Using the link to the relevant OS Map is a useful tool to ascertain the best route to the parking location.

Soaring - the Rules of the Ridge

Naturally, there are going to be times when the air is crowded with other flyers, we therefore expect every flyer to be familiar with the flying rules issued by the BHPA.

Medical Aid

Should an accident occur, the nearest hospitals that have casualty units open every day can be found at LLANDUDNO, BANGOR, BODELWYDDAN, CHESTER, WREXHAM and SHREWSBURY. If an injury is serious, call an ambulance rather than go looking for a hospital. IN AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 999

And Finally... We wish you safe and happy flying in North Wales. Please co-operate with us, and 'We'll keep a welcome on the hillside'.




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